“What makes your essential oils stand out?”

As an aromatherapist you may be able to find low cost, mass-produced essential oils — but there is a reason for the price variation. 

Corners may have been cut in the distillation process, and there is a realistic chance that these oils may have been adulterated and much of the therapeutic value to your clients will therefore have been lost. 

The best essential oils, such as the samples we'll send you, are distilled carefully and slowly, under low pressure and low temperature. 

This ensures that the full spectrum of the trace elements in the plant finds its way into your oil, the aroma will be bursting with vitality, and all the natural therapeutic qualities of the plant will be present. 

These exclusive essential oils will enhance your client’s energy, growth and wellbeing, so they’ll get far more than simply a pleasant aromatic experience. 

But to really appreciate the difference in quality, you need to take the top off the bottle and experience it yourself. One customer told us that Oshadhi ‘is like smelling in 3D’. 

We’re so confident in our essential oils, we’ll pay all the postage costs to get your free samples to you, wherever you are in the UK.

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