Do your essential oils pass the ‘eyebrow test’?

You know somebody is surprised by how impressive something is when they raise their eyebrows.

Here at Oshadhi, this is what we call the ‘eyebrow test’ and we only supply essential oils that we think will pass it.

And there’s a reason all of our oils pass this test – the level of care that goes into crafting them at every step of the production process.

To ensure our oils reach you just as nature intended, we only deal with small, local artisan farmers who are dedicated to producing the best therapeutic quality. Distillation must take place slowly and carefully, in a low pressure and low temperature environment. 

We even play special music to the oils overnight, to produce an end product that’s been carefully nurtured to maintain all its natural therapeutic qualities.

But don’t just take our word for it. If you want to experience for yourself the healing energetic quality of our oils, request a selection of samples to try – absolutely free of charge.

We’re only able to send them to the first 100 people so don’t miss out. Simply enter your details on this page and a friendly member of our team will call you to arrange delivery.